Make Long Term Care Planning Easy

Long term care planning is a critical element of every comprehensive financial plan. Long term care events are a reality of life, and Long Term Care Planning exists to help families preserve their assets, standard of living and independence, while allowing the members of the family to make important choices for the financial, physical and emotional well being of loved ones. But with many carriers, products and options to consider, navigating the long term care insurance options can at times be a complicated, confusing process.

That’s why MAGA Ltd., a family-owned insurance firm that has specialized in long term care planning since 1975, works hard to educate people about LTCI and other products to help them make informed decisions.  As an independent brokerage, MAGA serves its clients’ best interests, not the insurance carriers interests. In fact, MAGA’s founder, Murray A. Gordon, helped insurance companies introduce a number of consumer-friendly features for long term care insurance policies that are still included today. MAGA advisors work exclusively in the long term care planning arena, and we stay informed on the latest products, solutions and long term care planning details so that we can provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to our clients.


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